Useful links to important information

Bureau of Justice Statistics
Bureau of Justice Statistics provides statistics on crime, law enforcement, the justice system, corrections and related trends.

Death Penalty Links
Web sites with important information and opinions about the death penalty worldwide.

Innocence Project
The Innocence Project is dedicated to gaining the freedom of wrongly convicted criminal defendants by using DNA testing methods and to advocating for reform of the criminal justice system in this regard.

Equal Justice, USA
Provides information and advice about death-penalty cases from the defense point of view.

ACLU: Prisoners’ Rights
Resource provided by the American Civil Liberties Union with information on national and state efforts to recognize and protect prisoner’s rights.

Justice Denied
“Justice Denied” is a magazine devoted to helping people who have been wrongly convicted of crime in the US and internationally.

The Sentencing Project
A national leader in the development of alternative sentencing programs and in research and advocacy about criminal justice policy.

Prison Policy Initiative
The Prison Policy Initiative conducts research and advocacy about incarceration and criminal justice policy.

Federal Sentencing Report
Congressional Research Service reports to Congress about the state of federal sentencing.

Practical Law
American Bar Association, provides practical legal information about criminal law and criminal defense.
The online index for divorce
The online resource for divorce